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Profile of Children and adolescents during the pandemic: education


Author: Imds an Oppen Social

Edition: 1st

Published in: July 2021

Based on the IBGE experimental survey PNAD COVID-19, we present a portrait of the education of children and adolescents during the Covid-19 pandemic. Questions such as access to school, educational network, the form of access during the pandemic, conditions for distance learning and students’ engagement with school activities are studied.

These analyses are made for the whole country, as well as for the great regions, federative units, and from clippings on income, age group, beneficiaries of Bolsa Família or Emergency Aid, among others.

The material made available seeks to portray elements that allow one to identify problems that can cause school dropout or, even, generate obstacles to the country’s social mobility in the post-pandemic and in the long-term. This is because access and engagement in academic activities are indicators that help predict future schooling and, consequently, future socioeconomic conditions of these children and young people.

PNAD Covid19 brings us unpublished data to reflect upon these issues, which we propose with this presentation.