The challenge of pointing out paths for social mobility

How can we provide greater equality of opportunities so that more children and young people can achieve a better life? The Mobility and Social Development Institute (Imds) exists to help answer this question.

We are a platform created to design, test, propose, publicize and monitor the execution of public policies with a focus on social mobility. And we do this through partnerships with public managers and third sector actors who, like us, are looking for effective solutions to social problems in their communities.

Our task is to support and encourage managers around high-impact projects…

As a non-profit association without political party affiliation, maintained by private sponsors and with a board of directors made up of names of excellence, we wish to contribute significantly to a society with fewer injustices and inequalities.

Through proposals based on the scientific method and evaluated by a technical committee, we work from the identification of relevant topics to the management of the obtained knowledge.

…to untie the bonds that keep generations in poverty.

The possibilities are many, but the objective is one: through the correct incentives, we seek to identify the obstacles that prevent intergenerational mobility in the lower strata of society. Whether through social programs or the improvement of planning processes and routines within the public sector.

What we Want

Our mission

To design, test, propose and disseminate public policies that impact on social mobility.

Our vision

To be the main platform for studies on social mobility in Brazil and a relevant and reliable source of knowledge for public managers in mobility and social development.

Our values

Encouragement of innovation and creativity;
Engagement and collaboration;
Commitment to results;
Valuig of scientific rigor;
Ethics and transparency;

Individuals who firmly believe that full achievement in life cannot depend

on the zip code where one was born in

Our Founders

Arminio Fraga

Founder of Gávea Investimentos, Institute for Health Policy Studies and the Institute for Mobility and Social Development. Member of the Group of Thirty and the Council on Foreign Relations. He was president of the Brazil’s Central Bank (1999-2002), chairman of the board of B3, director of Soros Fund Management and trustee of Princeton University (USA), where he obtained his Ph.D. He taught at PUC-Rio, at EPGE-FGV, at SIPA-Columbia (New York) and at Wharton School (Pennsylvania).

Paulo Tafner

Founder of the Institute for Development and Social Mobility (Imds). Economist with a doctorate in Political Science (Iuperj / University of California San Diego, UCSD). Mr. Tafner is an associate researcher at FIPE/USP. Was coordinator of the Social Security Studies Group of IPEA, held the positions of undersecretary general of Finance of the State of Rio de Janeiro, director of IBGE and superintendent of ANAC. He taught at Candido Mendes and PUC-SP universities.


Mais +

Our Team

Mais +

Research Fellows

Imds, in the constant practice of its values ​​– especially the encouragement of innovation, creativity, engagement and the spirit of collaboration, with ethics, responsibility, transparency and scientific rigor – mobilizes a broad and diverse network of collaborators.

In addition to the organizations and institutions, agencies and legal entities that make up our network of partners, the joint work with individual researchers has also been invaluable for the convergence in the search for the results we have obtained in these first — almost four — years of existence of the institute. To these professionals, named below, we express our gratitute.

Alexandre de Andrade Fonseca

Subject: Studies on social mobility based on administrative records databases

Breno Ramos Sampaio

Subject: Studies on social mobility based on administrative records databases

Bruna Dominici Cricci

Subject: Some public policy tools focusing on social mobility: a handbook; and, Cataloguing worldwide policies and programs with proven positive impact in social mobility and development

Cláudio de Moura Castro

Subject: Quota Law - legal framework review and contribution to the publication "Education and Productivity"

Cláudio André Gondim Nogueira

Subject: Early Childhood (0-3): ideation of a tax distribution mechanism to induce the supply of places in child development spaces for municipalities

Diogo Gerhard Castro de Britto

Subject: Studies on social mobility based on administrative records databases

Diogo Wolff Surdi

Subject: Educational Policies, Computational Economic Models and Brazilian Microdata

Flavio Luiz Russo Riva

Subject: Projects to evaluate the impact of technologies for the formation of human capital in children

Josiane Toledo Ferreira Silva

Subject: Strategic partnership for evidence-based promotion of literacy (in partnership with Edube)

Júlia Queiroz Maranhão de Oliveira

Subject: The impact of parental shocks in the youth’s participation in labor market

Laura Carvalho Andrade

Subject: Life expectancy by race/color in Brazil

Luana dos Santos Fraga

Subject: Support for the research "Relationship between the education of parents and children: intergenerational mobility of education in Brazil and the world" and "Child poverty"; ACT Rio Grande do Sul data organization

Lucas Warwar Pereira

Subject: Studies on social mobility based on administrative records databases

Marcson de Azevedo Araújo

Subject: Organization of public databases

Michel Szklo

Subject: Distance learning and face-to-face teaching: what does the academic impact evaluation literature conclude about the differences in results?

Paulo Cesar de Souza

Subject: Support for projects to evaluate the impact of technologies for the formation of human capital in children

Raphael Bottura Corbi

Subject: Long-term Effects of Youth-targeted Labor Market Programs: Evidence from the Brazilian Apprentice Act)

Valdemar Rodrigues de Pinho Neto

Subject: Social and intergenerational mobility in Brazil: an analysis of Programa Bolsa Família (PBF) beneficiaries and research on social mobility in Brazil

Vanderson Berbat

Subject: Understanding the social impact of abrupt immigration processes: diagnostic assessment of Ribas do Rio Pardo, Mato Grosso do Sul

Vinícius Diniz Schuabb

Subject: Social Mobility in Brazil: Analysis of the Bolsa Família Program beneficiaries; and Research on the Bolsa Família Program: Socioeconomic impacts of climate change and natural disasters

Vitor Azevedo Pereira

Subject: Studies on school abandonment and dropout: Diagnosis of school abandonment and dropout in Brazil; Causes and consequences of school abandonment and dropout; Policies to combat school abandonment and dropout

Thank You

To those who participated in this journey; Your valuable contributions were fundamental in getting us this far and in helping us set the course for the path still ahead .

Andre Portela                                              Manuel Thedim

Eugênio Machado                                      Mauro Lopes

Guilherme Di Donato                                Miguel Foguel

Gustavo Gonzaga                                       Ricardo Paes de Barros

Jessica Gagete-Miranda                            Rodrigo Fiães

Joana Naritomi                                           Ronaldo França

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