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Main challenges for Youth in Brazil and impacts on income and productivity


Author: IMDS

Edition: 1st

Published in: October 2023

IMDS resumes the discussion on youth, demography and productivity, themes that are linked to the transformation of the Brazilian population in the coming decades. Brazil is going through a radical change in its age pyramid, which puts it in a paradoxical situation: it has the population structure of a rich country, but it does not have high per capita income. This means that Brazil today has a large number of people of working age, which exceeds the sum of children and the elderly, which is called the demographic bonus.

This is a unique moment in a country’s history, which can be used to increase productivity, and thus accelerate economic and social development. But Brazil has not been able to take advantage of this opportunity, as it faces problems such as low schooling, low quality of education, low labor force participation, and low pay for jobs. These factors limit the social mobility and productive inclusion of young Brazilians, who are the main protagonists of the demographic bonus.

The presentation “Main Challenges for Youth in Brazil and Impacts on Income and Productivity” shows how young people aged 15 to 29 are inserted in Brazilian society, what their difficulties and potentialities are, and how they can contribute to the country’s growth.

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