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Household Budget Survey: POF 2017/2018


Author: Imds

Edition: 1st

Published in: February 2024

The Household Budget Survey (POF) interactive dashboard usage guide is a document that explains how to browse and explore the dashboard’s data and charts. The panel presents information on the composition of household budgets and the living conditions of the Brazilian population, based on data from the survey conducted in 2017 and 2018 by the IBGE. The guide is intended for all users interested in knowing and analyzing POF data.

The guide contains information on what the POF is, how and when it was carried out, what were the objectives, the universe, the sample, the reference period, the collection instruments, the units of analysis, the classifications and the definitions used in the survey. The guide also provides an overview of the interactive dashboard, which is the tool that allows you to view and filter the dashboard data and charts, according to the variables of interest to the user. The guide explains how to access the dashboard, how to select the themes, the indicators, and how to view the charts.

The guide also contains a list of indicators by theme, which are the main results of the survey, organized into eight main themes: Food, Education, Housing, Health, Consumption, Household Environment, Income and Work. Each theme contains a set of indicators that portray different aspects of the composition of household budgets and the living conditions of the Brazilian population. The guide also contains tips and sample questions that can be answered in different contexts.

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