The Institute


Who We Are

The Institute for Mobility and Social Development (IMDS) is a platform to outline, test, propose, disseminate, and monitor the implementation of public policies that impact on social mobility. Its partners are public managers and representatives of the third sector interested in solutions based on the scientific method for social problems in their respective communities. Without political party affiliation, IMDS proposes to unite academia and administrators around projects of lasting impact on the welfare of the citizens served.

The possibilities are many, but the goal is only one: to loosen the bonds, through the correct incentives to social mobility, that keep generations of the lower strata of society impoverished. The unimpeded path of intergenerational social mobility leads to a more democratic and just society, driven by rules of dynamic capitalism, free from marked cards that produce inequality. The Institute for Mobility and Social Development is a private, non-profit association, maintained by private sponsors, with governance under the care of a board of directors made up of specialists, renowned for their excellence and expertise.

A technical committee endorses the proposals. Interventions are divided into several stages: thematic identification, selection of the performance model, identification of partnerships, preparation of the pilot, knowledge management and, whenever applicable, institutional improvement. The legacy in each project must be twofold: to learn about social programs with potential impact on social mobility and to improve evidence-based planning processes and routines within the Brazilian public sector.