Board of Directors


Paulo Tafner

Economist with a doctorate in Political Science (Iuperj / University of California San Diego, UCSD). He is an associate researcher at FIPE/USP. As a researcher at Ipea, he was coordinator of the Social Security Studies Group of that Institute. He held the positions of undersecretary general of Finance of the State of Rio de Janeiro, director of IBGE and superintendent of ANAC. He taught in the master's program and in the undergraduate program in Economics at Candido Mendes University and in the undergraduate program in Economics at PUC-SP. He has published over two dozen articles in scientific journals in Brazil and abroad. He is the author and organizer of the books “Reforma da Previdência: debates, dilemas e escolhas” (“Pension Reform: debates, dilemmas and choices”) (2005), “Demografia: a ameaça invisível” (“Demography: the invisible threat”) (2010), “Caminhos trilhados e desafios da educação superior no Brasil” (“Paths and challenges of higher education in Brazil”) (2014), “Reforma da Previdência: a visita da velha senhora” (“Retirement of Social Security: the visit of the old lady” (2015) and “Reforma da Previdência: Por que o Brasil não pode esperar?” (“Social Security Reform: Why can't Brazil wait?” (2018).

director of research

Sergio Guimarães Ferreira

Economist, holds a master's degree in Economics from PUC-Rio and a PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Licensed BNDES official, was Undersecretary for Economic Studies of the Treasury Department and Undersecretary for Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Assistance and Human Rights of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Director of Information for the City at the Pereira Passos Institute, and parliamentary advisor in the Federal Senate. He taught in the Economics departments at PUC-Rio, IBMEC-Rio, Candido Mendes University and at FGV-Rio. He signs academic articles in the areas of social security, public security, education, urban economy, and public finance. Author and organizer of the books "É Possível: Gestão de Segurança Pública e Redução da Violência” (“It is Possible: Public Security Management and Reduction of Violence”) (2008), and "Reforma do Estado Brasileiro: transformando a atuação do governo” (“Reform of the Brazilian State: transforming the performance of the government”) (2020). Winner of the BNDES award for best master's thesis in Economics in 1995, and of the Adriano Romariz Duarte award, granted by the Brazilian Society of Econometrics for the best article published by the magazine in 2006.