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Youth Employability Policies and Programs


Author: Imds

Edition: 1st

Published in: October 2023

In order to explore the scope of youth employability practices, the study considers two structures of factors that are central to the school-to-work transition process, a fundamental stage in the life of young people. The first structure considers factors related to the accumulation of human capital that occurred in or before the school-to-work transition years, while the second considers factors related to the differences in job opportunities in or after the school-to-work transition years.

Based on this framework, this article presents causal evidence of the impact of public policies and social programs, as well as information on program design. From this, according to the classes of programs, the study presents the main conclusions resulting from the evidence presented. Finally, we explore potential design margins that should be considered in order to contribute to better program outcomes.

This material is intended to support policymakers to improve the design of youth employability programs.

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