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Synopsis of Indicators nr. 01: Fathers’ schooling and children’s achievements in adulthood: analysis of Brazilian data


Author: IMDS and Oppen Social


Published in: August 2021

In our portal, we provide a wide set of indicators that relate the fathers’ education and various children’s outcomes, from education to other socioeconomic variables, such as conditions in the labor market, income and housing conditions.

Now, we launch our first synthesis of indicators, where we narrate these results, explaining how they relate, which stand out and how they evolved between 1996 and 2014. In this synopsis, in addition to analyses for all of Brazil, studies will also be made from geographical, demographic, and generational clippings.

Throughout the synopsis, it can be observed that between 1996 and 2014 there was an improvement in intergenerational mobility in education, with more individuals surpassing their fathers’ schooling and less dependence between the schooling of children and their fathers.

The reader will also find how this improvement in educational results was reflected in the labor market, income, housing, consumption, among other results. They will also realize that even after advances in mobility, there is still a strong relationship between the fathers’ schooling and the achievements of their children in adulthood.

Enjoy reading and follow the upcoming releases!