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Social Mobility in Brazil: an analysis of the first generation of beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família Program


Author: IMDS, Oppen Social, Valdemar Neto and Vinícius Schuabb

Edition: 1st

Published in: June 2023

As part of the agenda of studies based on data from the Bolsa Família Program that investigates the dynamics of poverty and social mobility in Brazil throughout the life cycle of the individual, the article in policy paper model does a flyover of mobility results of the first generations of beneficiaries, who were dependent in 2005.

The study recapitulates the characteristics of the program and organizes the results of emancipation from social programs and entry into the formal labor market. It also presents the relationship of these indicators of social mobility with socioeconomic variables of the territories and characterizes the conditions of access to the formal labor market.

The results are indicative of relative social mobility at the base of the income distribution in Brazil and socioeconomic improvement of most of the individuals who were beneficiaries of the PBFduring childhood and adolescence. However, we observed large regional differences in the country, which is partly explained by worse health and education conditions in the territories.

The material is intended to serve as a guide for scholars and policy planners in their efforts to improve designs of social protection programs.

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