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School dropout of adolescents and young people: Recent scenario in Brazil


Author: IMDS and Oppen Social

Edition: 1st

Published in: May 2022

Together with the dashboard “School dropout: Recent scenario in Brazil”, the presentation “School dropout of adolescents and young people: Recent scenario in Brazil” highlights the main findings of the study that inaugurates a new thematic axis of dropout and school abandonment. This effort is part of other studies that seek to understand the development of human capital of children, adolescents and young people in the country and how the context in which they live influences this construction.

The material brings a diagnosis that aims to help open paths to reduce inequality of opportunities and promote social mobility. In this case, it is through education, beginning with the reduction of abandonment and dropout, which prevent the completeness of basic education, crucial for ensuring higher and more stable future income.

The results are from indicators constructed based on continuous PNAD, for young people from 15 to 21 years of age, and were explored in aggregate form, at the national level, and from socioeconomic, demographic, and area of residence clippings.

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