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IMDS – 2022 Elections: State Indicators


Author: IMDS and Oppen Social

Edition: 2nd

Published in: September 2022

The presentation “IMDS – 2022 Elections: State Indicators” addresses several themes from a set of state indicators that seek to fuel the election debate based on data.

The analyses are centered on axes relevant to the economic and social development of the country and address the results by Unit of the Federation, in order to monitor the evolution of indicators for each Brazilian territory. Through this public availability, candidates, managers, citizens in general, and especially voters, have in hand information that helps them map the main potentialities and the main challenges that their states face, thus enriching the level of public debate.

Eleven themes are addressed, selected because they are related to factors that can offer a person the opportunity to progress in life and be able to live in better conditions than those that their parents lived and live in – that is, that can promote Social Mobility.

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