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Imds – 2022 Elections: State Indicators

Published in 15/03/2024

The IMDS – Elections 2022: State Indicators consists of the availability of state indicators that help the electoral debate around economic and social development. The availability is made public so that both candidates and citizens, in general, and voters, in particular, can have this information to enrich the level of public debate.

This panel brings together information on eleven themes, selected because they are related to factors that can offer a person the opportunity to progress in life and be able to live in better conditions than those that their parents lived and live – that is, that can promote Social Mobility.

The tool allows you to have an overview of all the themes for each Unit of the Federation (UF), in State Panorama, as well as to analyze the evolution of the indicators of each theme over time, in a historical series, and to compare the situations between different locations, in the panel entitled Comparison between UFs.

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