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IMDS – Elections 2022 – Social mobility: state indicators and public policies


Author: IMDS and Oppen Social

Edition: 1st

Published in: September 2022

The presentation “IMDS – Elections 2022 – Social mobility: state indicators and public policies” addresses several themes from a set of state indicators that are directly related to inter- or intragenerational social mobility. It seeks to explain how this relationship occurs at each stage of the life cycle involving individuals, families, and the territory in which they live. The aim is to foster reflection on the interdependence between different characteristics for the gradual accumulation of potentialities, or deficiencies, along these stages. The presentation also exemplifies public policies and social programs already implemented, in Brazil or in other countries, associated with the topics addressed. These are policies whose evaluations indicate promising results or whose design is well consolidated in evidence, suggesting good potential in relieving a myriad of issues raised by the indicators. The examples brought here are part of a larger collection, built by IMDS to be a living tool at the service of public managers, the third sector, the press and society – the Social Mobility Impact Platform, or are brought from the finalist policies of the Evidence Award.

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