Bolsa Família: First Generations

Saída e permanência no CadÚnico


Exit and permanence in CadÚnico

Based on data from the Payroll of the Bolsa Família Program and the Single Register (CadÚnico) for Social Programs, we studied the exit and permanence rates of beneficiaries in the 2005 Payroll, 14 years later, in the Single Register of 2019, the main mapping for social programs that year.

Demographic characteristics of these beneficiaries are also available, and the exit and permanence rates are explored based on these characteristics and on educational clippings.

Finally, we compared the profile of those individuals who remained in CadÚnico according to beneficiary or non-beneficiary status of the Bolsa Família Program.

This collection is part of a greater effort by the IMDS to understand the dynamics of poverty in Brazil, and especially its pattern throughout the individual's life cycle, based on the use of longitudinal panel data.