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The South of the country is the region in which fewer Blacks attain bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees

Published by Blog Lauro Jardim in 15/08/2021

In the southern region of the country, only 7.3% of Blacks reach higher education or manage to go further, going on to a master’s or doctoral degree. It is the lowest percentage when analyzing all regions of Brazil. To exemplify, the national average, already timid, is 10.6%. The regions with the best performance in this aspect of social mobility are the Midwest, with 15.2% of Blacks reaching this level of education, and the Southeast region, where the percentage is 12.5%. At the other end of the scale, 32.8% of Blacks manage to complete Elementary and Junior High School levels, while among Whites this percentage is 42.3%. The unprecedented data have been compiled by the Institute for Mobility and Social Development.

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