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Schooling and social ascension

Published by A Tribuna Piracicaba in 30/11/2020

The level of schooling in the country is directly related to the social ascension of the descendants. Recent research showed that, in a group of 100 people, with little or no schooling, 70 completed lower secondary school and 4 or 5 completed higher education.
Studies indicate that only 5% of children whose parents have no schooling, reach higher education in Brazil.
For the Institute for Mobility and Social Development (IMDS), the lack of social mobility in Brazil is a factor in perpetuating poverty, even after years of economic growth and income transfer programs.
In practice, it can be said that the lack of social mobility in Brazil is responsible for the difficulty that a child from a poor family has in order to rise in the social pyramid and attain better salaries.
The main barriers are in education, health and social assistance, which are aggravated when the Black population is involved.
We must not forget that education is the most powerful factor for social mobility.

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