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Rising inflation puts pressure even on bolsonarist strongholds in large centers

Published by Política Livre in 15/08/2022

Poverty grew in the Midwest and recorded an atypical record, even with the rise in commodities during the coronavirus pandemic. Historically, 7% to 8% of the region's population live in poverty, a percentage that reached 11% last year, according to a survey by the Institute for Mobility and Social Development (IMDS) based on IBGE data.

There was also an increase in prices in bolsonarist bastions in the South region. Curitiba, for example, recorded the highest inflation among the capitals surveyed in 2021.

In the period between January 2019 and June of this year, the city had the third highest index, with 29.3%. Among the states in the Southern region, Paraná recorded the highest poverty growth from 2020 to 2021, according to IMDS.

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