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Parents’ education is crucial

Published by Blog Os Realistas in 27/11/2020

Parents’ education is crucial

In a group of 100 people with uneducated parents, the majority finish elementary school and only 4 or 5 (4.7%) finish higher education, according to a study by economist Paulo Tafner, founder of the Institute for Mobility and Social Development (IMDS).

The level of education of parents is a determining factor for the social ascension of their children. Educational, health and social assistance barriers continue, even with cash transfer programs. And this situation is aggravated in the Black population.

It is a vicious circle that depends on direct action by the state to break through. Despite the frequency with which it is heard from the authorities that “education is a priority,” the fact remains that it is not and has never been, neither in this nor in previous governments.

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