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New edition of the Revista da Previdência Complementar: Paulo Tafner talks about the resistance to the implementation of the capitalization model in the Pension Reform

Published by Editora Roncarati in 05/04/2024

Renowned author and President of IMDS (Institute for Mobility and Social Development), economist Paulo Tafner holds a PhD in Political Science (IUPERJ / University of California – San Diego), is an associate researcher at FIPE/USP. When he worked as a researcher at IPEA (Institute of Applied Economic Research), he coordinated the Social Security Study Group. He was a member of the team that drafted the Pension Reform, but he was not fully satisfied with it, especially because the capitalization model he proposed was soon abandoned. “Many deputies were radically against it, arguing in a mistaken and malicious way that capitalization is equivalent to ‘stealing the worker’s money and giving it to the banks,'” he laments.

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