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In light of Angus Deaton’s vision

Arminio Fraga interviews Angus Deaton, Nobel laureate in Economics and one of the leading voices on inequality and social mobility around the world
Published in 13/07/2021

The formulation and evaluation of public policies to promote social mobility is a complex task, which can only be carried out with the joint effort of those dedicated to the subject, organized in a collaborative network. Part of IMDS’ work is to bring together the best and circulate their ideas, comparing them with the reality of the country and with the experience of those who study the various related subjects. This mission is what guides the present initiative to bring to the public the knowledge and lucid vision of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Economics, Angus Deaton, professor at Princeton University, where he holds the Dwight D. Eisenhower Chair, and Professor of Economics and International Affairs at the Woodrow Wilson School.

In an interview with the founder of IMDS and chairman of our Board of Directors, Arminio Fraga, Deaton revealed his view on inequality, mobility, and many of the issues that today, with the world in a pandemic, are impacting humanity and making alternatives more difficult for those in charge of dealing with the problem. The conversation between them was selected by Veja Magazine to compose the prestigious Yellow Pages space, a way to make this knowledge reach even further. By agreement with Veja, we publish here on our website the link to the interview, which is open to readers of the magazine’s website, as well as the videos recorded during the conversation. They have been divided into eight themes and will be published herein over the next few weeks. I hope it will be of good use for the debate around the topics addressed.

Paulo Tafner

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