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Foto: Reprodução vídeo

IMDS video presents the concepts and challenges of mobility

Published in 11/02/2022

Upon closing its first year of activities, announcing its new headquarters, and launching the first edition of the Annual Report, in which it reports to investors and society, IMDS also presented its first institutional video.

Lasting just over three minutes, the recording seeks to translate complex concepts of social mobility into simple language. For this, it makes use of analogies, animation, and comparisons to obtain an accessible and enlightening effect.

“In Brazil, the probability of a child reaching High School, if his father has had no schooling, is 26%. But if the father has completed High School, it will be almost 90%.” This is one of the most impactful phrases in the video, narrated by journalist Adriana Couto.

The script clarifies that “we have even improved over the last decades, but we can improve much more.” Brazil lags far behind in several aspects related to mobility when compared to other countries. In the video, Brazilian indicators are compared with the average of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) countries.

“That’s why IMDS has emerged,” emphasizes the narrator, and it aims “to divulge this theme in the press and with society at large.” “We produce knowledge that points the way to public policies,” she adds.

The discussion and basic script are from the IMDS team. The final script, production, and editing were up to the production company Manufatura. Check out the full video here.

Technical file
Production: Manufatura Mídia
Screenplay: Fred Moreira
Direction and editing: José Pedro Tafner
Animation: Estúdio AToon
Motion graphics: Bruno Yoguy
Photography: André Magrão
Voiceover: Adriana (Didi) Couto
Recording: Estúdio Nova Onda SP