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IMDS studies the first generation of children from Bolsa Família

IMDS launches a collection of articles assessing the exit or permanence in Cadastro Único (Single Registration) of the first generation of children and adolescent beneficiaries of the Bolsa Família program.
Published in 04/03/2022

From the payroll database of the 2005 Bolsa Família Program, we mapped the beneficiaries – individuals classified by the Bolsa Família program as being in a situation of poverty or extreme poverty – in the Single Registration for social programs (Cadúnico) 2019, evaluating exit and permanence rates in the Single Registry of 2019.

General indicators are presented, as well as socioeconomic clippings by color, sex, and age group, which allow to draw a profile of those who stay and those who leave the Cadúnico. Registration statistics are also explored under the territorial optics, contextualizing the numbers from the country’s regional clippings.

In addition to dashboards – indicator panels, which allow the user to explore the indicators and filter the statistics according to their interest – we provide a presentation that explains the methodological details of the study and the data used and seeks to congregate the main numbers found in the search.

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