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‘Having a college degree is almost as good as taking the vaccine’

Published by O Globo in 11/06/2021

Assessing the mortality data for Americans in the pandemic, Nobel Laureate in Economics Angus Deaton concluded that, "to protect yourself from Covid, having a college degree is almost as good as getting the vaccine.

"The statement was made to Armínio Fraga, during the recording of a statement for the Institute for Mobility and Social Development, which the former BC president created recently together with economist Paulo Tafner.

The explanation, according to Deaton, is in the network of benefits — health plan included — that the salaries of those who have a college degree can pay. Says Deaton: “We are sitting at home, working safely on Zoom. On the other hand, people who are out there, working in stores or in food factories, are dying.”

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