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45% of the ‘children of Bolsa Família’ entered the formal labor market

Published by Correio do Povo de Alagoas in 11/06/2023

The emancipation of Bolsa Família did not occur only in the house of Vera Nuzia. About 5.2 million of this first generation of dependents of families in the program, who were 7 to 16 years old in 2005, were found at least once in the Rais (official formal labor market survey) from 2015 to 2019. This means that 44.7% of the 11.6 million children of Bolsa Família accessed the formal labor market in the period at least once.

The data are from an exclusive study by researchers from the Institute for Mobility and Social Development (IMDS), in partnership with the consulting firm Oppen Social and a researcher from FGV EPGE (Brazilian School of Economics and Finance, Getulio Vargas Foundation).

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